On Chitty Chatty, our radio programme in English, we help with the usual things, like pronunciation, grammar, translation etc. but above all, we talk about a variety of different topics so that our listeners do not get bored!

Through our different presenters, ours listeners around the world can hear several accents and a variation of fluency. Our show is a fun programme where we simply like to have a “chatty” kind of “class” offering our listeners a bit of fun while they are learning.

You can listen to us live every Thursday 19:00 to 20:00 at: or our recording at

Chitty Chatty prog 7 Fun with B Vocal

We have a few laughs with B Vocal in the studio speaking in English! They even sing for us!

Prog 2 2016

Prog 1 2016

We’re back! This first programme of the year is all about our visit from our London coreespondent Fernando Guerrero. He speaks to us about...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty 29

Do you play board games? (juegos de mesa) If you do, which ones do you play? In this really funny podcast we play ‘Don’t...   Leer más

28 26.11.2015

What do you think of our podcasts? Do you have a question you’d like to ask us? If you do then please send us...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty prog. 27

Do you like reading crime novels or watching crime series on TV? In this podcast we translate some of the more common vocabulary, and...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty prog. 26

Do you like wine? A few weeks ago we started with this topic “catas” – winetasting. In this week’s podcast we develop it a...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty prog. 25

The 5th of November in the UK is \”Bonfire Night\”. Como San Antón, we celebrate Guy Fawkes\’ Night. A man who, well, why don\’t...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty prog. 24

Who is our special guest in the next programme? Listen here to find out! Do you know your way round: used to, get used...   Leer más

Chitty Chatty prog. 23

Belén starts off by giving us some vocabulary on Cinematography. Words such as script, Premiere etc. Cristina talks about cycling around the countryside and...   Leer más

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