Chitty Chatty 29

Do you play board games? (juegos de mesa) If you do, which ones do you play? In this really funny podcast we play ‘Don’t say it!`(el tabú). Would you like to play along with us? Isabel starts off by telling us how simple this game is and then we all join in! Will you be able to (que significa ¿podrás……..?) guess the meanings before we do? Of course you will! Have fun learning and repeating the words as you play. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as (tanto como……) we did in the studio. Isabel, Cristina, Belén, Fernando, Maria Eugenia and me, Bob Murray make up the team this week. Any questions for us or any comments you’d like to make, please let us know: or whatsapp 0034 637 02 06 89 Cheers for now!

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